Siber Zorbalık Nedir? / What is Cyberbullying?

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying can be defined as “sending texts or images of a hateful, intimidating,  threatening or harrassing nature, through information and communications technologies, in a deliberate and repeated manner. The increasingly diverse communication possibilities of digital media have also expanded the environment in which cyberbullying occurs.

Many research studies on cyberbullying have shown that most of the cybervictims are children and youths. When it is considered that this is the group which also actively uses the internet, the relation between being cyberbully/victim and the rate of internet use also becomes apparent. The lack of awareness of cyberbullying among cyberbullies, cybervictims and their parents is another important issue. Many of the cybervictims experienced psychological distress although they initially perceived the cyberbully behavior as a joke and entertainment. However, they are also reluctant to share their experience with their friends, families and teachers. Children exposed to cyberbullying can repeat what they have experienced to another child. In other words, in many cases cybervictims become cyberbullies at the same time.


Our work carried out under the project and other studies conducted in Turkey reveal that some educators are sensitive to cyberbullying and with the support of school counselors are making efforts to raise students’ awareness. However, in many cases educators remain helpless and uncertain of how to deal with cyberbullying.